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Case Summaries

$150,000 Settlement in Personal Injury Case

We represented a 12 year old girl suffering from prader willys syndrome (an eating disorder that causes a person to have an insatiable appetite). Her family locked the refrigerator and cabinets at nighttime to prevent from eating while the family slept. Despite their efforts the girl began cooking eggs at three A.M. while wearing a hand painted nightshirt. The heat of the electric stove caused the shirt to burst into flames causing severe burns to her stomach and chest. We sued the retail store that sold the nightshirt for violating Federal laws regulating flammable materials on children's sleepwear. We settled the case for $150,000.

Wrongful Death Settlement

A 10-year girl, with no history of illness, presented to her pediatrician with the following symptoms:

Drowsiness, lethargy, heavy breathing extreme thirst.

The pediatrician did a cursory exam and diagnosed the flu. Several phone calls from her mother to the doctor over the next few days explaining that her daughter was also complaining of being very hungry, frequently urinating, vision problems and weight loss did not change the doctors diagnosis. On the 4th day her mother called 911 because her daughter lost consciousness. Unfortunately it was too late and the girl died from untreated sudden onset of Juvenile Diabetes. We sued her pediatrician after we learned from an expert that with those early symptoms she should have been ordered a urine test to determine her blood sugar levels and that time was of the essence. She could have been saved had the doctor ordered the test in the first several days. We settled for the pediatrician's policy limits.

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

A 52-year-old full time maintenance worker and part time volunteer fireman was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the way to a fire. He was driving his motorcycle and ran into the side of a van that ignored a stop sign. He suffered multiple injuries, most significantly severe compounded fractures of his leg that caused loss of foot control and balance. He also later developed posttraumatic stress disorder. We settled for the van owner's insurance limits and also filed a Workers Compensation claim through the fire department. We have been successful in obtaining lifetime benefits as well as permanent loss of his leg despite that a brace supports his lower extremity.

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